Kinders Spring into Yoga A Zoom Zoom

Yoga A Go Go via Yoga A Zoom Zoom! or Book an Outdoor Park Session !!!
Let’s all gather together on the floor or maybe outside for some springtime Yoga.
Got a screen – kids love em 
I’m happy to split your class (2x30min) or we can do full class yoga session(1x1hr
We would start with some butterflies, breathing in and out – as we fly up high & down low, then land onto a flower (pose, balance and clap your feet together.)
Stretch out your legs and ready for some “Follow Me to music!!
Let’s be the sunshine and rain its springtime remember – what might see?
A rainbow (Rainbow pose)or maybe a rainbow lorikeet “squawk”. 
 We can lay our heads to rest and recharge, be still with our breath, our body and our mind. 
Details RE zoom : I like to have the sound on at both ends so I can hear and talk to everyone, unless there is a lot noise in the background,( I will mute the kinder.) I will incorporate lots interaction, kids ideas, singing, some games and props to keep everyone engaged.
So if your keen let me know:
Times slots avail: am 10-11am 12.30 -1.30 pm  afternoon 2-3pm
Choose a day that suits if the times aren’t right we can move them around.
Book NOW
Single session free trial next week only (WK12th OCt.)
Then single sessions $70.00
or Book 5 repeat classes/dates = $325.00
Structured Course : Poses That Fly/Insect Yoga/Reptile Yoga/Poses to do with the Water/Poses you can Eat
Email me on or call to discuss 0431892526