Let’s GOGO on a yoga adventure!


Whether we’re swimming through magic oceans, stretching like cats or swaying like trees, my YOGA-A-GOGO classes are designed to take children on a journey of imagination, flexibility and fun. Floating through stories and across the alphabet, I work with kids to realise their inner and outer strength, from coordination and balance to trust, respect and self-love. We’re always on the GOGO, so come and say hello!

What happens in a YOGA-A-GOGO class?
From the moment we warm-up in a circle until we lay our heads down to relax, we’ll use our minds, bodies and breath to play games, dance to music and practice our yoga moves. Every class is spontaneous, harmonious and non-competitive, so the journey’s always full of fun.

What do bean bags, bells and dress-ups have to do with yoga? Everything! YOGA-A-GOGO is all about relaxation and getting rid of little stresses too. So no matter what stage or age your child is at, they can have fun and GOGO at their own pace.

YOGA-A-GOGO is a Child, Teen and Family yoga company based in South Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne. We are not a yoga Studio, we come to you as incursions, term programs and private/semi  private sessions to share the love of  yoga. We currently offer regular children’s and Teen classes locally after school hours – see Classes

We are more than happy to give a free demonstration.

Whats available YOGA-A-GOGO offers: 

Kindergartens and Childcare Incursions are a wonderful alternative to traditional sport incursions as they are a fun way to develop important fine motor skills in a supportive and non competitive environment. Term programs are a very popular amongst Kindergartens and childcare Centres, these regular classes become part of their routines and the health benefits are amazing. Classes can run from 15 minutes for smaller children and upto 40 minutes for the 4/5 year olds. Get in touch to find out more and/or about a free demonstration.

School incursions

Yoga A Go Go school incursions are a fantastic addition to school life they can be tailored to suit class topics or explore new themes, Physical Educations programs or Health and Wellbeing Studies.They can also be introduced to before and after school programs.

Children’s yoga classes will help support children to refine both gross and fine motor skills. This nurturing atmosphere encourages relaxation and most importantly to have have fun while they develop not only strength, coordination, flexibility and balance, but also body awareness, better focus, concentration and self confidence.

School Incursions for Teenages can also be tailored to help support current or new topics at school. Different Meditation techniques can be explored, daily practices created by students, teachers and instructors can have an everlasting effect on the way we respect our bodies and mind for the now and future.

Yoga A Go Go Parties

What great way to enjoy yoga as a Birthday party or any kind of celebration Fun, Fitness, Flexibility, Relaxation through Yoga Games, Dance, obstacle courses music and mandalas.

Why not have a Yoga Pyjama Party next sleepover or a theme Masked Superheros Party  or End of year Breakup Yoga Party –  all ideas welcome!!!

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