Family Community & Party Yoga


Yoga for Families is so much fun!

Strengthen bonds between parents and children while supporting each other.

Children, parents and even grandparents get to spend quality family time together, enjoying a fun and healthy activity.

Especially good for younger children who find it hard paying attention during a kids only class.

Why not a Yoga Party in the Park ??




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4 thoughts on “Family Community & Party Yoga

  • Hi Nerida,

    I think you taught my daughter Lexi at Shine last year. She misses you and has been asking for more yoga classes with you. What weekend options do you have?

    • Hi Rachel,
      Sorry getting back to late Rachel,the back end of this website is a new thing for me.
      Yes of course, Lexi I do remember your gorgeous daughter. How is she?
      Love to work something out – no weekend class as such, however what area do you live in?
      We could do a Yoga Party get some friends together and see who like it or I could come to her current Kinder. Let me know and email me back or happy to chat over phone my number is 0431892526.

      Let me know

    • Hello Tracy, happy to discuss or arrange a family yoga session.
      What is your family size, age group of children?
      I can do home visits or if we get other families involved we could hire a hall in a church. I currently run after school classes in a church Hall in Glenhuntly. So we could possibly hire that space its rather cheap for the hour.


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